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  • Location Segura, Portugal
    Spanish border
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    Remote Geiger counter, IoT, Web services



ALLBESMART has deployed an IoT system to monitor the environmental radioactivity level in the Portuguese/Spanish border.
The idea was triggered by the rising concerns caused by the Spanish nuclear power plant Almaraz, located 100 km from the Portuguese border.
Almaraz is one of the oldest nuclear power plants in Europe and has registered several security problems in its long history.
The project has installed a radioactivity level sensor (Geiger counter) in the village of Segura, the system reports real time measurements in nSv/h to an online monitoring platform.
This is a non-profit initiative inspired by the citizen science and open data project SAFECAST:



In order to keep independence from any governmental agency the project was funded through a crowdfunding campaign.
The collected radioactivity measurements need to be communicated and well explained to avoid public alarm (e.g. alert levels above the average radiation background).

The sensor’s circuit requires a temperature compensation system to avoid false alerts.

Download the use case file (in Portuguese)