remote sensing
remote sensing

Development of IoT connectivity solutions, applications and data analytics.

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Allbesmart offers end-to-end development services and has the capability to deliver all necessary components of the IoT solution including devices with wireless radio communication, built-in security and cloud connection capabilities.

The offering also includes support and maintenance services during the whole product lifecycle. We use modem technologies like NB-IoT LTE and CAT-M1 bring cellular radio communication capabilities to a new range of devices in a cost-efficient way and with enhanced radio coverage.

Low power consumption and extended battery lifetime
Deep indoor coverage
Insights extraction thanks to Machine Learning algorithms
Correlations between IoT data coming from heterogenous sources
Anomaly detection algorithms
Web based data visualization and dashboards
Broad range of applications in Smart Cities and Industry4.0

Connectivity NB-IoT or GPRS

Low power sensing devices

Coverage analysis through radio propagation models

Cloud and edge computing


Radioactivity monitoring

ALLBESMART has deployed an IoT system to monitor the environmental radioactivity level in the Portuguese/Spanish border.

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Remote water quality monitoring

Allbesmart has developed an IoT system to monitor and analyse water quality in the main Portuguese river (Tejo).