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We offer outsource engineering services for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) implementation based on ITS-G5 and 3GPP V2X communication technologies.

Implementation of Decentralized Environmental Notification Messages (DENM) and Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM) to support Day 1 and Day1.5 C-ITS services. Design and develop applications that allows Traffic Management Centres to broadcast warning messages through specific RSUs. The development work ensures full compliance with relevant ETSI standards.

Examples of C-ITS services implemented by Allbesmart:
Emergency Vehicle Approaching
Traffic Jam Ahead Warning
Road Works Warning
Stationary vehicle Warning
Animal or person on the road Warning
Weather Condition Warning

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Detail specification of the C-ITS services
Use case simulation to validate configurations and radio coverage
Deployment of RSU (Roadside Units) and OBUs (On Boar Units) on the field
Middleware implementation of event related warning messages CAM and DENM
On the road trial and service validation in close cooperation with road operators and equipment vendors.

C-ITS are essential to increase road safety and make the transportation ecosystem more efficient, sustainable, and prepared for the future autonomous driving.
Save time and money implementing your C-ITS project with us.

ITS-G5 (IEEE 802.11p)


Cohda Wireless and Qualcomm modems

Allbesmart was hired by the leading road operator Globalvia to deploy a C-ITS pilot in the A23 highway (Portugal).
Allbesmart has deployed a V2X infrastructure comprised of 10 RSUs (ITS-G5) and developed advanced ITS applications to enhance safety in the A23 highway, including in the 1620m long Gardunha tunnel.